A compatible (or generic) cartridge is one that is not manufactured by the same manufacturer of your printer (called an OEM or original equipment manufacturer cartridge). The cartridge will however, function and work in the exact same way that an OEM cartridge would. This is similar to the automotive spares or pharmaceutical industry for example, where the OEM branded products are significantly more expensive, but the quality is the same.

  • An original cartridge is manufactured by the same brand that made your printer  |  e.g. an original cartridge for a HP printer is manufactured by HP.
  • A compatible cartridge is a cartridge manufactured by a different company for your printer  |  e.g. a cartridge for a HP printer, but not made by HP.

Panda Ink Compatible Toner cartridges are proven to perform at parity or better than an Original Toner Cartridge would.

A Panda Ink Compatible Premium Toner Cartridges is proven to deliver a higher page yield than OEM cartridges:

  • HP CE505A prints up to 2,300 pages. The Panda Ink Compatible CE505A has recorded 3,154 printed pages @ 5% coverage.
  • Samsung 111s prints up to 1,000 pages. The Panda Ink Compatible Toner 111s has recorded 1502 pages @ 5% coverage.

Yes, Panda offers a 100% money back guarantee, or a swap out any defect product. Our premium quality toner cartridges and inkjets have less than a 1% defect rate on annual volumes over 3.3 million units.